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The basis of the current paradigm - that the all-pervasive and ultimately over-whelming force which controls the Universe is gravity; from which most other aspects of the origin and behaviour of the Universe and our Solar system within it have been derived - is wrong.

It is wrong, not just in detail, but in its fundamentals. Gravity plays a very small role in our local Solar syatem, and little more in the remaining Universe. As a consequence, virtually every other aspect of the Universe, from the origin of the Solar System to the formation of planets, from estimates of the mass of the Sun and stars to the creation of elements, will need to be modified.

The planets, and their satellites, and most of the debris whirling around in the solar system, were originally formed with an outer skin made of nickel/iron. On the earth, this metal "skin" remained in one piece for nearly four billion years, but it is now disintegrating, and its remnants form the basis for the mechanism of plate tectonics. The Moon is a partly hollow metallic ball. Mars has a nickel/iron skin, as does Jupiter, and all the "gas giant" planets.

Using this concept, geologists will be able to model the entire sequence of earth's geological history with confidence. Geophysicists will discover what causes the anomalies in the presence and velocities of earth-quake waves. Volcanologists will realize why lightning is so intimately associated with volcanic eruptions. Physicists will have a better understanding of the forces between atomic particles, how all the elements were created, what the Sun is doing, and why the Moon, the planets, their satellites, asteroids, comets and meteorites have the appearance and properties they do.

Those scientists - and anyone else - who take the time and trouble to read this book will be presented with a dilemma.

They can accept the fact that most of what they have learned about the universe we live in - the origin of the solar system, how the planets were created, what the Sun is doing, where the rich variety of elements on earth came from - is wrong: and they can find out why.

Alternatively, they can continue to believe a model of the Universe whose initial parameters were established when modern science was in its infancy, the most advanced form of transportation was the horse and cart, and the major role played by electricity in the universe was still unknown.

This book will reveal why black holes and dark matter do not exist, and why the Big Bang is fanciful and unrealistic.

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About the Author

Roger L Nutt was awarded an Honours degree in Physics from the Royal Victoria University of Manchester in 1962. For most of the last fifty-odd years, he has worked as a petrophysicist and consultant in the upstream oil business, interpreting oil-well logs and communing with geologists, geophysicists and other scientists world-wide. He is not a member of the academic Establishment, and can therefore challenge conventional wisdom with relative impunity.

Nearly thirty years ago, while studying Earth's regional geology, he stumbled upon a model and mechanism which explains the sequence of Earth's geology for the entire 4.6 billion years of its existence. This led to the realization that the force of gravity cannot be universal. The vast majority of the material throughout the universe - most of the matter in the Sun and stars, and the mantles of their billions of planets - is not gravitational.

To understand how the Universe really works does not require a Nobel prize-winning mentality, or even an advanced degree in a scientific discipline. All it needs is the ability to read, and an acceptance of the reality around us which scientists have been working valiantly to reveal and the universe has hitherto done its utmost to conceal.

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